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Awarded Silver at 2013 Scottish Pie Awards.

I am delighted to announce that the 14th Scotch Pie club awards have been launched and we would like to encourage every craft Baker and Butcher in Scotland and all over the world to take part in the competition for his/her chance to claim the title of "World Scotch Pie Champion of the Year 2013" and compete for awards in the following 5 categories:


Scottish Pie Awards

Scotch Pie

Sausage Roll


Speciality Savoury

Scottish Football Pie/Savoury






"It's the Unique way they are cooked". Our quality Pies are made from local meat with a secret recipe and baked in the only Traditional Scottish Oven in Scotland.


Our Pizzas are made with a special thick base and made with the best quality ingredients and covered in luxury Cheddar Cheese, baked, again in our Traditional Scottish Oven.


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